Defaf Al Nahrayn Company (DNC) Vision

To be the consumers’ first choice in the beverage world

Defaf Al-Nahrayn Company (DNC) for Food Industries and Beverages is one of the largest producers of juices, soft drinks, energy drinks and mineral water in Jordan, producing multiple types of shapes and packaging sizes.

Since our establishment in 2008 in Jordan and we have been a family business that spanned many generations, our staff always strives for high quality, which is the basis of our success, making Defaf Al-Nahrayn Company one of the leading producers of juices and beverages in Jordan and the Middle East.

Ever since the establishment of Defaf Al Nahrayn Company (DNC) for Producing juice and carbonated soft drinks and also snacks (chips), the company has been committed to the high standards of its products and the modernity of its systems, which is reflected in Its overall performance and the quality of its products. While minding the Public Health and Food Safety practices, Defaf Al-Nahrayn  has always been set on meeting its customers’ needs of juices products that are harmonious with the Middle Eastern taste and flavor. 

Nowadays Defaf Al-Nahrayn Company is considered to be Jordanian number one leading company Its sales basket contains a wide variety of juices products and snacks with more than 20 products.

Production & Quality

Defaf Al-Nahrayn Company boasts the most technologically advanced production capabilities in the region. This includes the company’s own laboratory facilities, which use state-of-the-art microbiological testing systems, ensuring that all its products meet and exceed international quality standards.


Defaf Al-Nahrayn Company for Food Industries and Juices is a leading supplier of beverages not only in Jordan, but many of our products are exported abroad and we always strive to search for certified partners to grow our presence in different markets.

Business to Business (B2B)

We are not only a brand manufacturer but also abottling contractor. In the area of co-packing, we provide certain solutions for carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced teas, special drinks and other soft drinks. Our many years of experience as a drinks manufacturer makes us a skilled partner for contract bottling